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I was well looked after by the Herford staff. The staff are helpful, and that is of particular importance, always available. I am very happy and grateful.
Irina B.; production worker; March 23
I had good experiences with Herforder Personal GmbH, it was my first temporary work agency and I have to say that I was very skeptical at first, but then I realized that it was a chance to get a good job. I first started at Herforder Personal and then I was taken on by a customer company. I would like to say thank you very much for your effort and I will only recommend it.
Natalia P.; production employee; February 23
Very professional, needs-oriented and human! I was well advised and I got my job very quickly. Thank you and you're welcome to come back anytime.
Ahmed A., Production, January 2023
Very professional advice with helpful mediation. I am very happy that I had the experience with Herforder Personal GmbH. I can only recommend. Thanks very much
Anna L., Production Associate, December 2022
I had only good and positive experiences with Herforder Personal GmbH. I never had any problems or ambiguities. Everything was completely professional and smooth.1.
Olena H., Production; December 2022
I am super satisfied, very competent and always helpful. Thank you very much for the great cooperation.
Hanna S., production employee, September 2022
Great employers! Professional, serious, friendly and always helpful. I can recommend Herforder Personal GmbH. Thanks for cooperation.
Nelli B., production, August 2022
I am grateful that I had top placement and very good advice. I was always taken care of with all my problems and worries at all times and always had an answer to all my questions. Thanks very much.
Mohammad A., Production, July 2022
Professional, uncomplicated and friendly. After the first conversation with Ms. Pottfoff, I immediately understood that I was in good hands. Everything was smooth and uncomplicated. I just want to say thank you!
Sebastian B., production, April 2022
* Very reliable and always helpful. Thank you dear Herford staff team. I look forward to coming here again in the future if I need help. Many Thanks
Natalia F.; production employee; March 2022
Best company I know! The team is always ready to help! The availability of the employees is always available, which I find extremely important. Money always comes on time and correctly. If there are any problems, then the staff have solution immediately. I will only recommend Herforder Personal GmbH.
Alexsander S, production, February 2022
Top employer, sympathetic interaction with each other, always helpful with problems, punctual payment!
Daniel H.; Production staff; February 2022
I have already had the opportunity to get to know various temporary employment agencies. Herforder staff surprised me positively. First of all, the applicants are taken seriously. And not just up to her signature. Even after that, the employees are well looked after. An emergency phone makes things a lot easier. There is also a chauffeur service that takes employees to companies free of charge. Very centrally located, parking spaces right in front of the door. The team is super nice and always up for a joke. The money comes on time. Everything that is important to me is fulfilled here. Should I ever have to/want to resort to temporary work again, it will be at Herforder Personal GmbH.
Martin T., production employee; January 2022
Great company and after less than 1 year I got an annual contract with Hettich so it was taken over can always recommend them and if I did I would go back to the company at any time if I'm no longer with Hettich Best regards Dennis F.
Dennis F.; Production staff; December 2021
I would like to thank you for the good cooperation and I will definitely recommend you.
Erik B., production employee; October 2021
I am fully satisfied with the HFP company. Because I've now got a permanent job at the company where I work. Advice and the team has always been great to me. If I get unemployed again, I immediately call HFP and ask if they have a job for me.
Denis F .; Forklift driver; August 2021
Simply satisfying, I can only recommend Herford staff.
Max W.; Production workers; July 2021
Local proximity and long-term assignments were very important to me. Thank you for the good support
Katharina M.; Production employee; July 2021
Many thanks for the good support to the team, as well as the commitment to finding a job.
Manuel P.; Metal workers; June 2021
The Herford personnel company helped me a lot in my job search. Thanks very much
Andreas, A.; Production workers; Mai 2021
I am very satisfied with this company! No matter what was or what kind of problem there was, a solution was always found quickly. I could count on you. I would come back to your company at any time. Herford staff is and remains my first choice! Greetings Hanna
Hanna M.; Mitarbeiterin Produktion; May 2021
TOP EMPLOYER! Thanks for giving me the chance. I enjoyed working for you. Greetings to the whole team and THANK YOU
Jasmine H .; Student, Production Employee; March 2021
I worked for the company for several months and it was great. Money was transferred on time and not all of them offer the option to use the transport service. I would go back anytime if I ever get unemployed again.
Andre A. forklift driver; February 2021
Hello dear wonder team, I want to thank you guys for the time. Even if it was definitely not always easy with me, I will still miss you. Stay as you are.
Lara J. Production Assistant December 2020
Thanks to this great team. The salary came on time, which is very important to me. And I could always ask the woman who was responsible for me anything.
Juri S .; Production employee; October 2020
That's just great. After calling the Herford staff, I was invited for an interview and the next day I had an employment contract. The staff were really nice to me. I never felt like I was just a "number". Again and again this company.
Christian K., Production Employee; October 2020
I can report only good things about CHALLENGER PERSONNEL. I felt very well looked after there and had a contact person for all concerns. Short travel distances and long-term assignments were important to me. Now I have a permanent position in the last operation and I am very happy.
Waldemar P., employee transport and warehouse management; April 2020
I can only be positive about HERFORDER PERSONAL. I felt very well looked after there and had a contact person for all my concerns. I am lucky that after 7 months I will be taken over by the customer in permanent employment. I can only recommend HERFORDER PERSONAL to start with.
Sabine K., production assistant, August 2019
Top employer - reliable - objective - competent After I applied, I immediately got a work contract and was able to start the night shift on the same day. I am very happy with the PERSONNEL and the commitment I have received. There are miracles again and again!
Roman A., industrial employee; January 2019
Dear Mrs. Thielking! I would like to thank you very much for the good job. I felt very comfortable with you. My salary was always paid on time and I was treated friendly. From January I can work directly with the customer.
Irina Z., electrical employee; December 2018
I have had good experiences with HERFORDER PERSONAL. I liked the fact that I always had long assignments and that I am now being hired by my company.
Verena S., packer in the food industry, December 2018
Many thanks for the eventful time and the excellent support. The HERFORDER PERSONAL clearly sets itself apart from other personnel service providers. I was extremely satisfied and could now be placed in a permanent employment. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Anna W., Production Employee; August 2018
I was always very satisfied with the work, the accounting and the personal support.
Luis B., printer's assistant, May 2018
I am fully satisfied with the company Herforder Personal, because I have now got a permanent position at the company where I work through them. PS: Should I become unemployed again, I will immediately apply to HERFORDER PERSONAL again.
Steven M., forklift driver; July 2017
Hello dear team of the HERFORDER PERSONAL, thank you very much for the great cooperation with you. When I was looking for an opportunity to increase my travel budget before my stay abroad, an acquaintance advised me to apply to you. Said done! Everything went very well and a short time later I had a job with you. So today I can say that thanks to you my time abroad was a complete success. Many greetings
Sebastian H., student during the semester break, April 2018
The HERFORDER PERSONAL team looked after me very well. I got to know three assignments at different customer companies and was able to gain a lot of experience. Now I have an annual contract directly with the customer and I am overjoyed. Should I become unemployed again, I would immediately turn to HERFORDER PERSONAL again.
Kevin B., electrical assistant; February 2018
Thank you for the many years of cooperation and the support from the nice colleagues. Thank you for everything. I wish the whole team all the best for the future.
Thomas L., Assistant Quality Control Plastics Industry; November 2017
Many thanks for the good cooperation, which ultimately ended in a permanent position.
Kurt K., camp employee; September 2017
Thank you very much for the quick mediation. After only 3 months with HERFORDER PERSONAL I am now taken over by the customer company. Many thanks especially to Mrs. Thielking. She was always very friendly and questions were always answered quickly, so that I felt I was in good hands with you.
Jan-Phillip S., Warehouse Logistics Specialist; July 2017