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About us

In short

Led by our managing director Petra Wunder, we provide bespoke recruitment services for a wide range of sectors. Whether delivering temporary staff for organisations or placing individual candidates in their next position, we have 20 years' experience of providing tailored services for clients and candidates alike.

Based in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we specialise in finding staff, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, for a wide range of manufacturing, trades and management positions. Over the years we have helped some 400 client organisations, from SMEs to major corporations, to meet their HR needs, from covering temporary staff shortages to placing candidates in hard-to-fill positions.

Our principles

People are important to us. Appreciation, respect and loyalty form the basis for our thinking and behaviour.

We are passionately committed to the long-term growth of our company and our staff. We value our colleagues' contribution to the creation of long-term partnerships.

Openness and transparency are just as much part of our values as discretion and confidentiality. We are ethical, trustworthy and fair and we take responsibility for our actions.

We are proud of our local region. We work solely with local companies and make an important contribution to the regional economy. As a socially committed organisation, we share our success with the community.

Our uniqueness is our strength. For our colleagues, client and candidates, we bring together people and organisations who are a perfect fit for each other.

Code of Conduct
We undertake to comply with all legal, official and licensing regulations.
We assure to comply with all labor laws and ensure safe and healthy working conditions.
We distance ourselves from discrimination, corruption, bribery and any kind of drug and alcohol abuse.

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